RIC resolve is part of the RIC group, a privately-owned European center of excellence in the field of analytics. The company was founded by Professor Pat Sandra over 35 years ago and is
now headed by his two sons, Tom Sandra and Koen Sandra.

This is where it all started for us and also how we got our original company name as “RIC”
or rather the Research Institute for Chromatography

Chromatography was a key ingredient for our first successes. It helped shape our services throughout the years and remains one of our core activities to-date.

Working closely with customers from various industries, chromatographers and tech developers across the globe, we are leading the world of separation sciences and help shape and tailor top-notch analytical solutions to the specific needs of our clients.

Driven by our passion for analytics and innovation
we will get you the answers you need.

We are also actively involved in the scientific community.
We continuously invest in innovation, publish in peer-reviewed journals
and present at scientific and industry events.

We take great pride in the recognition we have received as leaders and mentors
throughout our many years of service.