Making sure you have the right tools…

  • We develop your methods from scratch applying our sample preparation, chromatography and mass spectrometry know-how for analyzing a wide range of organics in various matrices, covering gases, liquids and solids.

  • We will help you monitor one or more of your compounds in trace amounts¬†and even ultra-trace amounts. Depending on the complexity of the sample, we will explore different sample preparation steps and modes of detection, ranging from UV and FID for simple matrices to MS for sensitive and selective multi-compound monitoring in complex matrices.

  • We adequately challenge the performance of all our methods and ensure they are fully verified in terms of precision, accuracy, LOD, LOQ, linearity, carry-over, stability, specificity and robustness.

  • We can also develop miniaturized and automated sample preparation setups to further improve overall method robustness and to reduce the amount of solvents and reagents required, hereby contributing to greener and more sustainable solutions.

  • We can either implement your developed method at our facility to support your projects on a recurring basis or transfer the method to your site of choice. Method transfer also includes on-site training of your personnel. If required, we can even install the necessary instrumentation at your site via our instrument division, RIC technologies.